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Maids in Bahamas (Domestic Help)

It is difficult to employ competent domestic help, since most Bahamian citizens interested in domestic work, such as cooking, cleaning, etc, can find well paying jobs with the many hotels and restaurants which cater to the important tourist industry.

Third-country nationals who enter the Bahamas on tourist visas often seek domestic employment. They cannot be legally employed, however, without a work permit or without permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The procedure is complex and usually requires that the prospective employee depart the Bahamas and re-enter on a time, date, and flight reported at least 2 weeks in advance to the Bahamian Government. There is a yearly fee assessed for the permit. It can take several months to get either a positive or negative response to a request. An expatriate who hires a third-country national in this way is responsible for repatriating them when employment is terminated. You should be prepared to pay between $200-$250 per week for domestic help.





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