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Shopping in Bahamas


The Bahamas abolished all import duties in 1992 and savings can be made on perfumes, crystal, leather, jewellery, linens, watches, cameras and china. Local products include all types of straw artefacts, ceramics, clothing, seashell jewellery and woodcarvings. Look out for products marked 'Authentically Bahamian' for a guarantee of good quality. These can be bought at Festival Place, Prince George Dock, as well as at various other outlets throughout the islands.

Beware of purchasing Cuban cigars. The vast majority of "Cubans" for sale in the Bahamas are counterfeit. Only buy cigars from reputable and dedicated tobacconists, do not buy on the street, in the market, or from combination cigar/liquor shops. Real Cubans cost upwards of $30 per cigar.

Shopping hours are Monday-Saturday 8:30/9 am-5:30 pm. Some shops open until 7 pm and some open Sunday, 10/11 am-4/5 pm.


Straw Market at Bay Street, was originally a locals' market, but is now devoted to touristy bric-a-brac. If you are in the market for some souvenirs, this is the place to come. Don't be discouraged by the initial price of things, as this is the only place you can barter for a better one. You don't have to worry about exchanging any money either, as US currency is accepted universally.

Potters' Cay, under the Paradise Island bridge, is best known for its fish market, and there are plenty of stalls that prepare fresh conch salad, conch fritters and other Bahamian seafood delicacies, but there's plenty of other exotic tropical produce available too.





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